The Staff
Steve Harpt
The Executive Director is Steven Harpt, an American. He possesses a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and has been involved in education in Botswana since 1980 when he first arrived as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Before starting the Bana ba Metsi School he served for 11 years as the Headmaster of the Shakawe Community Junior Secondary School. Steve has worked in juvenile treatment programmes in the United States and has a working knowledge of auto, truck and boat mechanics, electrical installations, plumbing and irrigation, poultry and dairy farming, carpentry, steel fabrication and computers. He is also an experienced teacher and fluent Setswana speaker.
The Faculty
The acute financial restraints under which the School has operated since its inception has restricted its staff numbers to the bare minimum of teaching and support personnel. At present the School employs 3 trained teachers, a social worker, building instructor, administrative assistant, cook, and 2 night watchmen. The Director himself, along with 2 overseas volunteers, the social worker and administrative assistant are required to assume part of the teaching load. The School has recently employed an engineer with extensive local experience in boat building, metal fabrication and mechanical repair work, who will assume responsibility for the School workshop and maintenance, and will provide "hands-on" training of the students in these fields. Now that the School has reached its current enrolment capacity of 50 students, additional funds and staff are needed to sustain the present momentum and improve the standard of service offered to the students.    
2008 Faculty
Dave Boddington teaching welding
computer teacher