The students at Bana Ba Metsi learn a variety of skills to prepare them for adult life and a paying job. Below are photos of daily life at Bana Ba Metsi.


Working in the garden to grow their own vegetables....

Enjoying the "fruits" of their labor!

Kitchen clean up- everyone takes their turn.
Outdoor kitchen
Cleaning the chickens for dinner

Cutting fresh meat

Ironing their uniforms


and doing their laundry...

Boys Dormitory

Spic and span!

All the buildings at Bana Ba Metsi School were built by the students, teaching them valuable skills like:
floor tiles
and laying floor tiles

brick making
cement work

Laying a foundation...

and laying the brick
and even welding!
In addition to regular class subjects, the students are learning computer skills, swimming and music:
computer swimming
The students go on field trips to surrounding areas to learn boating skills, camping and about the wildlife.
boating mokoro
Mokoro boat
Tsodilo Hills
Okavango Delta
The students also participate in the community, putting on a games day for the local village and performing in a marimba band
        games day               marimba
But, after all this studying and working and learning, there is still time to just be boys....
game   soccer  
hang out
just hanging out with friends

toy cars made of wire and metal
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