The Bana Ba Metsi School was established by the Moremogolo Trust, a group of concerned individuals, to fund projects aimed at assisting disadvantaged groups in Botswana, specifically youth and risk and AIDS orphans. The school admitted its first 21 students in March,2000. In Botswana, there is universal access to free primary education. Despite this, a significant percentage of school aged children are not in primary school for one reason or another. The School is targeting those young people in this group who have been expelled from or dropped out of regular classes due to behavioral problems or other socio-economic reasons. Most members of this group come from destitute families, are classified as Rural Area Dwellers (RAD), or are orphans and are recommended for admission by the Social Welfare Department or non-governmental organisations dealing with such children.

Bana Ba Metsi means "children of the river" in Setswana.
Bana Ba Metsi School was founded by Steve Harpt, an American who had been the headmaster of Shakawe School. When his home in Maun was broken into by a small boy who was an orphan and hungry, Steve realized the need for these lost children to get an education and learn skills that would enable them to become productive adults. The idea of a special school, located in the bush in order to be away from the temptations and distractions of the villages, was born.  

View from Red Cliffs

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