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The acute financial constraints under which the School has operated since its inception has restricted its staff establishment to the bare minimum of teaching and support personnel. At present the School employs 3 trained teachers, a social worker, building instructor, administrative assistant, cook and two night watchmen. The Director himself, along with 2 overseas volunteers, the social worker and administrative assistant are required to assume part of the teaching load. The School has recently employed an engineer with extensive local experience in boat building, metal fabrication and mechanical repair work, who will assume responsibility for the School workshop and maintenance, and will provide “hands-on” training of the students in these fields. Now that the School has reached its current enrolment capacity of 50 students, additional funds and staff are required to sustain the present momentum and improve the standard of service offered to the students

The School generates some income from its commercial activities, however, it remains heavily dependent on contributions, in cash and kind, from donors, both institutional and individual. Foremost among the contributors to the Trust and School is the Botswana Government, which meets the annual salary of the Executive Director and has recently agreed to provide an annual subvention of P240,000 towards the School’s running costs. Other valuable contributions, including tents, building materials, vehicles, computers, classroom, dormitory and workshop equipment, and library materials have been made by international organisations, major domestic corporations, and diplomatic missions. These have enabled the School to sustain its operations. Nevertheless, substantial additional funding is required to ensure that the School’s physical development programme can be completed over the next 5 years, and that its educational and rehabilitative goals can be attained.

Donations are welcomed. Donations, in Pula, should be made payable to Moremogolo Trust and sent to either the Chairman, Moremogolo Trust, or the Director, Bana ba Metsi School, in care of address below.
**US Dollar donations should be made payable to the "Kalahari Peoples Fund" so you can get a tax receipt. Please note on your check that funds are for the Bana Ba Metsi School and send to Dr Megan Biesele, at the address listed below. If you have any questions, we can be reached by either phone or e-mail. Visitors to the School are welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal and for considering us as recipients of any community assistance programme you may have in place.

Moremogolo Trust Bana ba Metsi School
P.O. Box 60945 Private Bag 06
Gaborone. Shakawe.

Tel: 3932716 Tel: 72 437948
US Donations:

Megan Biesele, Ph.D.
Director Kalahari Peoples Fund
P.O. Box 7855
Austin, TX 78713-7855