10th Anniversary Party

Bana Ba Metsi School celebrated its 10th anniversary on 14th March 2010.  As this was a Sunday, the birthday party was held the day before

Below are the photos and observations of Pam Shelton, founder and Director of the Botswana Book Project, who is on the Bana Ba Metsi School Board. 

Pam, and other board members, assisted the school staff and the boys in tidying up the “campus”, painting a school welcome sign, and holding the semi annual Board Meeting.

Clean up day- painting sign, clearing away brush and taking a break

The celebration, attended by supporters from all over the country as well as many local villagers, was a complete success.  His Excellency, President Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama, the school patron, arrived by helicopter, and after a tour of the campus, he joined in for a day of speeches, songs, dance and a terrific luncheon.  

Fixing the lunch and showing off their new soccer shoes donated by Pam Shelton


His Excellency, Mr. Ian Khama, the school patron
Board members confer ..........   student speakers

traditional dancers performed for the event

Congratulations, Steve, on 10 great years....